WORLD WAR II ERA NOSTALGIA: 1940’s Nestle Ad Campaign “Chocolate Is A Fighting Food”

It is a simple, universal truth:  everyone loves chocolate!  Nestle produced the ration chocolate that was sent to our military personnel overseas during World War II.  They launched a corresponding ad campaign during the early 1940′s which re-branded their products in an intriguing way, centered on the ongoing conflict overseas:

chocolateisafightingfoodchocolateisafightingfoodlifemagazine1943 chocolateisafightingfoodlifemagazine1943-2

Chocolate was no longer merely a special delicacy and treat.  No, chocolate was the very fuel powering our soldiers!  Concentrated nutrition!  “It supplies the biggest amount of nourishment in the smallest bulk”, as penned by famous war journalist Ernie Pyle according to one ad.  A handy nutrition chart shows that 1 Nestle milk chocolate bar provides more calories than 1 medium broiled lamb chop, 1 8 oz glass of milk, 2 eggs, or 2 slices of bread!

Details regarding how soldiers were receiving and using chocolate rations also attempted to justify shortages of the coveted product back home.  “If your dealer is sometimes out of Nestle’s chocolate and EverReady cocoa, here’s why…”.

The campaigns appears to have been successful, and further secured Nestle as an iconic American brand.

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(Images and info courtesy of Dying for Chocolate and AllPosters)